Tromso with Misha De-Stroyev

In June 2017, a crew of friends and I, arrived to one of the most northern cities in Norway: Tromsø. This was our first time in Norway and this was the most north that we have ever been. As soon as we exited the airport we were stunned by the incredible views of the nearby mountains and were impressed by the freshness of the air.

Upon arriving to the city center, the first thing we did was head to a viewpoint, from which we would have a great view of the city and the surrounding landscape. After a 20 minute walk, we took the Fjellheisen cable car that took us to an altitude of 420 meters above sea-level. Neadless to say, the view completely blew our minds!

After about 20 minutes of walking around and taking photos, we noticed very dark stormy clouds approaching. In a mater of minutes, the whole sky started becoming dark and this added a very dramatic feeling to the whole situation. Far away, I noticed a small yacht sailing all alone through the darkness. 

Knowing that very soon we would be swept away by high winds and rain, we hurried back to the cable car and rushed back to the city center.

The city center of Tromsø was super cool! We spent the next day wondering around and exploring. The most impressive situation was that the sun never set. We were there in June and in June you have the white nights and Midnight Sun: meaning that that sun never drops below the horizon! As we were walking around the city at 1 AM, the sun was shining behind a think layer of white clouds, making everything around us seem very white, desaturated and creating a feeling that it was nowhere near nighttime.